The center is open to artists of all kinds to either put on workshops or concerts/recitals, teach classes, and/or display work.

Cascade Culturual Arts Center Fees:

Teaching Classes/Workshops

$1.00 per class hour for artists wishing to teach classes - class fees to be set by the artist
$25.00 per day for workshops, concerts/recitals, and displays - artists set their own prices for workshops and concerts, etc...

We will help get the word out on upcoming classes, workshops, concerts/recitals, and showcases.  If you would like to get on the schedule please contact: Shauna Arnold at 208-634-6906 or ShaunaArnold@hughes.net. 

Class fees will be paid directly to the individual conducting the class.  Please contact the person on the posting to sign up for the classes in which you are interested. 

Full and partial scholarship money is available upon request if you cannot afford class fees.  To receive scholarship funds email Shauna Arnold at ShaunaArnold@hughes.net with your request.

Main Room
This room is available with tables, chairs, sinks, water, and such for $1.00 per hour/person to use for your own projects, clubs, etc.  Bring your own supplies and clean up after yourselves. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Ceramic Room Open Studio

Need to finish a project?  Want to start a ceramic project?  Come to open studio.

See our calendar for open studio times.

The fee is $1.00 per hour/person for studio time plus $2.50 per pound of clay.  This fee includes clay, glazes and two firings. No outside clay will be allowed.  Personal glazes will be allowed at the discretion of the clay studio directors - Rachel Huckaby or Cathy Mansell. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult with ceramic experience.

While our ceramic teachers are always willing to answer questions, this is a time for those with experience or who have taken our classes to do some independent work.  There may be times that the person facilitating open studio may not have ceramic experience, so we encourage you to take advantage of our classes offered where you will learn skills that can be used to work independantly on your projects.

Other open studio times, one-on-one wheel-throwing classes, ceramic-glazing classes, and/or personal classes for your grandkids or visiting releatives can be arranged by contacting Rachel Huckaby at rachelhuckaby.rh@gmail.com or 208-271-6448.  We also have premade ceramic items you can purchase and glaze.

Open firing for bisque and cone 5 glaze are at a per kiln load rate of $10.00.  Less than a full load will be included in the next kiln load.  For more information or to schedule a firing, contact Rachel Huckaby at rachelhuckaby.rh@gmail.com or 208-271-6448.

Glass Fusion
Fees are dependent upon the size of glass you utilize. Fees are posted at the center.